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Summer 2023 Program Dates: June 17, 2023 – July 10, 2023

Helix 2022 Summer Medical Program

Helix 2019 Summer Medical Program

Videography: Nolan Pokpongkiat, Crystal An

​The Helix Summer Medical Program is a free, four-week summer program  in the Bay Area that guides students through an exploration of different careers in the healthcare field. While this may change in the future, the entirety of the Summer 2022 Helix Summer Medical Program will be in-person.

Helix’s Core Curriculum is developed in close consultation with Dr. Gustavo Valbuena, MD-PhD, who is the Head of Curriculum at the Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. We strive to ensure that our educational materials are engaging and immersive through four major themes. Students should expect to spend approximately 9 – 10 hours per week on course material, including attending guest speakers, learning seminar sessions, and watching lessons.

Students will begin working on their capstone Social Determinants of Health Project (SDOH) through carefully curated online modules. At the end of the summer program, students will have the opportunity to present their research to the Bay Area healthcare community, including providers from Kaiser Permanente and UCSF.

Students will be partnered with a physician from Kaiser Permanente and receive 1-on-1 mentorship to learn more about career trajectories in healthcare. Students will be provided with prompts and topics to guide them through their mentorship experience.

Core Curriculum
Students are introduced to various fields of health and science, such as psychology, nutrition, genetics, and anatomy.
Biological and Clinical Labs 
Students are exposed to practical laboratory protocols, such as bacteria culturing, blood typing, and dissection, and learn basic emergency medical techniques.
Professional Development
Students network with healthcare providers in different fields and are matched with a mentor in the student’s field of interest after the program.



You must be at least 16 by the first day of the program in order to qualify. Unfortunately, due to state regulations governing some program activities, there are no exceptions to this rule.


We offer this program free of charge! Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support!


The 2022 Helix Summer Medical Program will be held in-person!


Please contact us if you require accommodations to participate in our online program.

Mandatory Parent Orientation

A parent orientation will be held on April 3nd, 2022 in order to inform parents about the program. At least one parent must be present for the student to be allowed into the program. Paperwork and legal materials will also be due at this orientation. This is absolutely mandatory and non-negotiable. We reserve the right to rescind your student’s acceptance should you fail to attend this orientation. 

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