While we miss our past cohorts from the summer programs dearly, we are excited about the strides they will make in becoming future providers and leaders in the healthcare workforce. While their journey at Helix has come to a close, it marks a new beginning in continuing higher education after high school. See where our high school graduates have decided to continue their healthcare journey and what they have to say about the program!

2018 Cohort

Maria R.  San Jose State University
Abel M. – Sonoma State University
Jasmine H. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Karla A. – Mills College
Dylan B. – UC Riverside
Isabelle T. UCLA
Glenda S. – Stanford University
Tayyaba B. UC Berkeley
Erick O. – Sacramento State University
Iris N. – Sonoma State University
Emmeline D. – UC Berkeley
Mohammed A. Samuel Merritt University
Savannah W. – UC Riverside
Wila Mae N. – San Jose State University
Jessica G.
​​Jennifer L.
Jennifer J.
Cythia M.
Leslie Q.
Abril R.

I’m passionate about mental health, wellness, & education, and hope to pursue a career that embodies all my interests. I learned about the field of public health at Helix, and without my experience here, I would not have found this path in which all my interests intersect! Along with these exciting goals, I met the most amazing friends, and a group of supportive mentors who helped me find my self-confidence.

Kadee Pham-Nguyen, Helix Medical Class of 2019
2019 Cohort

Fatima R. – UC San Diego
Allhain S. – UC Berkeley
Paula M. – UC Berkeley
Alexa A. – UC Berkeley
Daniel H. – UC Berkeley
Adesuwa A. – University of the Pacific
Preston A. San José State University
Glenine B.
Allison C.
Amanda C.
Don C.
Aaron F.
Allison F.
Sheyla J.
Nam L. – UCLA
Octavia O.
Aliyah P. – USC
Kadee P. – UCLA

Helix not only developed my interest in health, but expanded it with a rigorous curriculum that covered aspects of health from epidemiology to policy and leadership! I now feel much more confident in my choice of careers thanks to Helix.

Ayush Shrestha, Helix Medical Class of 2020
2020 Cohort

Ashley F.
Marcos H.
Evelyn J. – California State University, Sacramento
Sia’h J. – UC Berkeley
Nouhamin L.
Maggie L. – UC Berkeley
Jose G.
Kayla McIntosh
Kayla Munguia – UCLA
Losaline M.
Gina N.
Darleene N.
Ayush S.
Christopher W.
Georgina C.

I am really interested in healthcare and I am passionate about volunteering with organizations that help low income and first generation students. Helix helped me find the intersection between my passions and goals. As part of the cohort I was able to learn about inequities in healthcare and became empowered with ways to combat these issues as a healthcare career. By participating in the program I learned about Public Health and how it intersects with the very values I hold important to myself which led me to apply to college as an intended Public Health major.

Alexa Aguilar, Helix Medical Class of 2019

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