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Fall 2022 Recruitment Schedule
Info Session 1: Tue 9/6 @ 7 PM – Hearst Gym Room 230
Info Session 2: Thu 9/8 @ 7 PM – Hearst Gym Room 230
Prospective Member Social: Fri 9/9 @ 7:30 PM – Memorial Glade (Near Evans)
Virtual Info Session : Sat 9/10 @ 2 PM – Zoom Link
Application: Sunday 9/11 @ 2 PM
Challenge Night: Tue 9/13 @ 8 PM – Dwinelle 88
Interviews: Sun 9/18 11AM – 3PM


Despite constituting 31.1% of the U.S. population as of 2016, only 10.3% of all medical school graduates are from ethnic minority backgrounds. As a profession built upon intimate and personal relationships, the field of healthcare requires people who can navigate cultural barriers to communicate with and comfort the physically and emotionally afflicted.


Helix is a California registered non-profit that hosts a free, four-week summer medical program for high school minority populations who are underrepresented in the medical field in the Bay Area. Through the Helix educational experience, students will learn about different fields of health, meet and network with local healthcare professionals, rotate through clinical and biological skills labs, and explore avenues for futures in health-oriented careers. Following the summer program, Helix alumni take part in unique semesterly workshops and are individually matched to a mentor in their healthcare field of interest. Ultimately, we hope to contribute towards a diverse health provider population that represents and advocates for the community it serves.