Resume Workshop

For any career, whether you’re in the healthcare field or another field, it is important to be able to present yourself and your prior experiences whenever you are applying for jobs and/or different positions. A resume is one of the first steps in accomplishing this task. It is one of the first things that an employer or interviewer will see even before they meet you in person, and more often than not, it will be the very first impression they have of you. With that in mind, as young adults aspiring to jump into society with a fresh start, it is important to learn about the key components of a resume, and understand the key strategies in advocating for yourself in this one-page summary sheet.


  • Learn about the different components of a resume, and understand what goes into each of the different sections.
  • Understand how to be able to effectively, yet concisely explain who you are in a one-page summary sheet.
  • Learn key strategies and tips in order to refine and hone your own resume.
  • Try it out! Let’s create your very own resume before we finish the Helix program this summer!


Resume Components

Final Tips

Lecture Slides

Try it out yourself!

As we mentioned in the lesson video, you will have an opportunity to present your resumes during a mock interview in your sections! It will be a great experience for you to share some of your experiences and accomplishments in the past, as well as to see some of the amazing things that your peers have done in the past.

With that being said, it is OK if your resumes aren’t perfect! In fact, the time in your sections is there for you to get feedback from others about your resume, and use it as a motivation for you to hone its appearance and the different components of it. For this activity, focus on reflecting on your past experiences, and practice writing about some of these things that you have done in the past.

We recommend by starting with the sample resume we have attached below, and studying how this person is presenting themselves in just one page:

Here are some of the other resources for you to get started on your own resume! Perhaps, start by looking at some of the other sample resumes that are included in the links below to see that there are many different types of resumes that may be effective for different positions/jobs. Remember: A resume is unique to you. Try out different ways of writing the resume, and see which one you like the most. You may also choose to just use the template we have provided you below:

Quick Note on CVs

Although we do not cover much in depth about CVs in the video, you should have noticed from the video that they are actually very useful whenever you are looking for academic or research-oriented jobs, and it is generally a better representation of your academic track record. Although we will not take the time to review these in the sections this week, try creating one in your own free time for future uses! See the sample CV below to see how they might be created: