Congrats, this is the last module before you start the Summer 2021 program and officially begin creating your SDOH presentation! This module will be split into two parts. In Part 1, you will watch an episode of a documentary series: Unnatural Causes, which shows real life examples of a variety of health disparities. In Part 2, you will complete the final background questions to prepare you to create your presentation.

Part 1: Unnatural Causes

Choose ONE of the following topics (topics may have multiple videos) to watch and write a short reflection (~1 page double spaced). This can be anything you would like to discuss. Some ideas are: what did you learn, what surprised you, what can we do to improve the situation, have you heard of organizations that tackle this subject? You can watch the other videos if you like! Please submit the reflection below on the upload assignments section.

Topic #1: How Racism Impacts Pregnancy Outcomes

Also, Berkeley’s Dean of Public Health, Dr. Michael Lu is featured in this episode!

Topic 2: Native American Health

Topic 3: Housing Disparities and Environmental Justice

Part 2: Final Background Research Questions

These questions will be answered in the group SDOH meeting that will be held sometime between 6/8-6/22. Please have some research or bullet points to each question before discussion. Your mentors will submit the final answers to these questions (after you meet with your group). This research will help you create your presentation during the program! Please look out in Slack for a message from your mentors to set this meeting up! Also, please reach out to any of the staff if you have questions!

Final Background Questions:

What is your final project topic? Be specific! (This should have been finalized in your previous SDOH meeting)

  1. What population(s) are you focusing on? Why do you think it is important to focus on this/these population(s)? 
  2. Describe 2 previous actions against your population that makes them at risk. 
  3. Find and describe one previous initiative to combat your topic’s issue that was unsuccessful. Why do you think this was not effective? (Think about specific community needs and social determinants that can cause poor health behaviors or outcomes). 
  4. Find and describe one initiative to combat your topic’s issue that was successful. Why was this approach better than the one in the previous question? 
  5. Do you have any remaining questions?