This week you will see two presentations from last year’s summer program! The attached video is long but you can split it up by watching one presentation at a time.

Presentation 1: Mental Health in the East Bay Homeless Population – from 00:00-34:45

Presentation 2: Reducing Teen Pregnancy in the Bay Area – from 34:45-1:03:35

Also, I recommend watching the Q&A after each project to get a glimpse of what presenting to our symposium audience is like!

After watching each presentation, answer the following questions and submit them below.

  1. Briefly describe the background of the problem
  2. What are the current initiatives to address the problem?
  3. What are some (don’t have to list all) pros and cons about these initiatives?
  4. What did the students propose to improve the current solution?
  5. Do you have any questions about the presentation?

Also, this upcoming week you will schedule another SDOH meeting with your group! Stay tuned on Slack as your mentors will reach out to you.