Mental Health in the Digital Age

As the world shifts into a more digital-focused era, there’s no doubt that it might have an impact on our well-being, particularly our mental health. Technology that we use every day, such as social media, has already changed how we live our daily lives, with our eyes starting at a screen more often than the last young adult generation. In this lesson, we’ll be going into the various risks of long-term social media use, and what you can do to avoid them!


Students will…

  • Reflect on how social media and screen time impact themselves and the people around them from a mental health perspective
  • Be introduced to how this rising field has contradictions in findings and nothing is set in stone for mental health relationship to social media
  • Learn interventions to potential issues that can arise including but not limited to cyberbullying, internet addiction, and blue light disruption
  • Investigate how blue light impacts mental and physical health