Mental Health in the Digital Age

Introduction to Mental Health

We now live in a day and age where technology is all around us. We call this the digital age. As you have probably experienced first-hand with classes, moving to an online platform is an extremely difficult transition, and it can potentially have detrimental effects to our mental health. Mental health in the digital age is an important topic for all of us to understand, not only so that we can take care of ourselves, but also the people around us. Take a look through this page to see different resources on the ways in which we can all keep an eye out on our mental health, especially as the digital age continues to shape different aspects of our daily lives.


  • To reflect on how social media and screen time impact your health and the people are you from a mental health perspective
  • To introduce how this rising field has many contradictions in findings, and that nothing is set in stone for a relationship between social media and mental health


Lecture Slides

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Nomophobia Questionnaire

The term nomophobia is used to describe one’s fear of becoming detached from their mobile phones, or in other words, a fear of being without your phone. The word is derived from “NO MObile PHOne phoBIA”. The link below directs you to a questionnaire about nomophobia by psychtoolkit, which is a free-to-use toolkit for demonstrating, programming, and running cognitive-psychological surveys and experiments. Take a look during your free time!

Additional Reading

A single Helix lesson isn’t nearly enough to cover all of the broad range of topics within the field of mental health! Check out the following resources for some additional reading on how social media can affect your mental health:

“Social Media Use and Mental Health Among Young Adults”:

“Is social media bad for mental health and wellbeing? Exploring the perspectives of adolescents”:

“The Future of Mental Health Care: Peer-to-Peer Support and Social Media “:

“What is Cancel Culture?”:

“Everything on Social Media is Fake”:


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