Leadership Training: Understanding Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills


  • Reflect on previous leadership experiences and how they differed depending on the situation
  • Understand the simultaneous role of a leader and a team member
  • Analyze the complexity of leadership through understanding the differences between various types of self-defined leadership

Leading a Divergent World Together

We will be discussing various qualities which can be considered to be productive when put in a leadership position. Whether it be in a professional setting or not, these topics will hopefully be a guide to better understand the variance of working with others. In addition, we’ll raise questions such that conversations can arise about differing leadership aspects and elements.

Here is a quick summary + tips of the leadership skills discussed:


  • Keep everyone up to date
  • Be inclusive to everyone’s opinions and suggestions
  • Avoid misunderstandings by clearing up any misinformation
  • Keep a consistent way of communication


  • Allows for better communication
  • Trust can be formed between individuals
  • Mistakes can be prevented through assistance
  • The work can be improved based on new opinions and suggestions


  • Trust is better formed
  • Can help communication efficiency between individuals
  • Allows for team presentation to surpass expectations
  • Facilitates relationship building among the team


  • Helps improve efficiency  
  • Other leadership skills achievable
  • Keeps project on track for success
  • Error Prevention


  • The project is able to stay on track with respect to deadlines
  • Allows you to catch any mistakes or problems early
  • Grants the ability to refine and perfect the project more with respect to time
  • Can allow for greater success than expected


  • Everyone’s opinions and suggestions matter
  • Better collaboration by everyone
  • A more complete and diverse outcome
  • Success is always credited to everyone, not just a single person or group

Be a teacher, but also a student

  • Listen to what everyone has to say
  • Communicate to collaborate, not to solely advocate
  • Provide the resources necessary for your team members success
  • Provide the proper amount of guidance needed to achieve the desired success

Now that we have discussed leadership in part, here are a couple amazing videos that can help you better understand other complex aspects of leadership.