Biases in Medicine


  • Learn what implicit, explicit, and in-group bias are and how they are unavoidable
  • Understand how biases play a role in our daily lives and can have detrimental effects in the healthcare profession
  • How do we combat these biases within ourselves, in the organizations we’re a part of, and as future healthcare professionals?

Our brains have to process insane amounts of information about the world around us everyday. As a result, our minds often take shortcuts and can make harmful associations between objects, events, people, etc. that often lead to biases. As humans, we cannot erase our biases but we can be proactive about keeping our biases in check. Watch the video below to learn about the different types of biases and how they impact those in the healthcare field.

Now that you know a little more about what bias is and the types of biases that exist, what are some ways you can keep your biases in check? Feel free to take out a notepad/piece of paper and write them down while having a bit of introspection.

Just to review, some of the types of bias we covered today include:

  • Conscious or Explicit Bias 
  • Unconscious or Implicit Bias
  • In group or Affinity Bias

For more information about bias and its effects, check out these resources: Project Bias, Racial Bias and Effect on Treatment Study