Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Welcome to the online modules for the social determinants of health project! We are excited to be working with you. Every three weeks, you will have a new module and virtual check in due. Your mentors will reach out to you/your group to set up the meeting dates. Please click on “Module 1: What Are Social Determinants of Health, Anyways?” under the Course Materials section below to get started. All detailed instructions and links are on this tab. 

Over the next few months, you will be completing four different modules for the course, each with its own important components and concepts related to research skills, thinking from a public health perspective, and being able to identify problems within your society.

Here is the general pre-program module schedule:

Module 1: Assigned April 4thDue by April 24th 

  • Introduction to key concepts of social determinants of health
  • Examine the Ecological Model of Health vs. Biomedical Model of Health
  • Start general background questions 
  • Cohort Social and SDOH Group Meeting

Module 2: Assigned April 24thDue by May 15th 

  • Introduction to credible research sources 
  • Answer general background questions to your project topic 
  • One-on-one check in with SDOH mentors
  • Submit final project topic

Module 3: Assigned May 15th Due by June 6th 

  • Watch previous cohort SDOH presentations and answer questions
  • SDOH group discussion on background questions from Module 1 

Module 4: Assigned June 6th Due by June 27th 

  • Find what health outcomes are impacted by your issue
  • Research what change is needed to improve health outcomes
  • SDOH Group discussion on your findings
  • Finish final background questions

You ready? Let’s start!

Social Determinants of Health