Welcome to the homepage of the Online Helix Curriculum! We are so excited to have you as a part of our 2021 cohort. Below, you can find information regarding your online curriculum experience, how to contact us, and more. We hope that the content we have curated reinforces your passion for healthcare and medicine.

Our Response to COVID-19

Despite these unprecedented times, Helix is dedicated towards continuing to serve our mission statement — to diversity the future of healthcare — through any means. We achieve our organization’s goal by educating underrepresented high school students to be aware of the disparities in our current healthcare system, teaching them to be knowledgeable about the role they play as an aspiring member of said healthcare system, and providing them an opportunity to experience firsthand being in the shoes of those healthcare workers. As such, after many hours of deliberations and structural reorganization, Helix has decided to embrace the obstacles presented by the pandemic and move forward with our own personalized solution to them.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to provide you, the Helix 2021 cohort, the most we can despite our current limitations. Helix has worked on converting our one-week intensive curriculum to a four-week online format with both synchronous and asynchronous components for the past few months. These components were designed with the purpose of relieving the difficulties of consistently, synchronously meeting every day and allowing a student to learn at their own pace, while maintaining a positive learning environment that allows both students and instructors to learn through communication and shared experiences. In conjunction with the curriculum, Helix has invited various guest speakers, from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health to Kaiser Permanente, to share their responsibilities and their experiences as a healthcare provider throughout the four weeks. These guest speaker events will also be held over Zoom in compliance with social distancing measures.

The Social Determinants of Health Project will continue as planned, with a few modifications on making it accessible remotely to all. In lieu of the clinical shadowing portion of the program, Helix has been working on reaching out to physicians who are willing to participate in a one-on-one mentorship program with the 2021 cohort. We would like to keep our students connected with the medical community and give the opportunity for meaningful engagement and discussion with a professional. We anticipate this mentorship program to begin sometime in the fall, when networking with physicians may be less hindered during these unprecedented, stressful times.

Although what we propose is almost completely different from what we have promised, Helix would like to, once again, thank you for your participation and your continued support in what we stand for. We understand the struggle in adapting to the pandemic and are here to support you and our cause to diversify the future of healthcare. We hope that, despite all things, this online curriculum can serve as a viable alternative to having no summer program at all.

Online Curriculum Overview

The Helix core curriculum has been converted to a four-week online program on bCourses (more generally known as Canvas), with healthcare/professionalism-related themes around each week and a series of lessons accompanying them:

  • Week 1: Basic Sciences in Healthcare
  • Week 2: Public Health, Policy, and People
  • Week 3: Professional Development and Career Building
  • Week 4: Medicine: Past, Present, and Future

There will also be a series of guest speaker events each week, where students can learn about speakers’ firsthand experience and ask questions regarding their everyday responsibilities as a member of the healthcare field and the impact they have on the health of our communities. 

Each lesson is designed with the purpose of exposing our students to various healthcare professions and fields, expositing essential themes and ideas that a health professional should know, and cultivating social awareness and cultural humility within our students.

In addition, the core curriculum is designed around three of the following centralizing themes:

  1. Equity in Health is Important
  2. Medicine Needs a Social (Public Health) Perspective
  3. Helix Members are the Future of Healthcare (therefore, must cultivate basic professionalism skills)

We hope that as you go through each of the lessons, you would be able to connect the main objectives of each lesson to the centralizing themes. All in all, by the end of the program, we hope to have inspired you to be socially conscious healthcare providers who will proactively enact change within your own communities.

Your online Helix curriculum includes several synchronous and asynchronous components that allows you to learn at your own pace, but also spend some time meeting with your fellow peers and instructors to discuss and share ideas with one another.

Lessons (Asynchronous)

  • Each lesson will be related to the theme of the week, and students are encouraged to complete them at their own pace. However, students should aim to complete certain lessons of the week by their seminar section.

Deliverables (Asynchronous)

  • Some lessons will have some form of an assignment — through our Concept Checks or a response on the Slack #discussion-board channel — that allows students to check their understanding of a lesson and share their ideas with your peers. Deliverables are not graded, but must be completed by the day before their seminar group, as some deliverables are intended to help students prepare for discussion during their seminar section.

Seminars (Synchronous)

  • Seminar are small group meetings that are facilitated by Helix staff members. Seminar groups will meet once or twice a week over Zoom, and the meeting time will be determined by the availability of the students in the group and the seminar leaders. These meeting spaces are intended for students to meet together and discuss some of the lessons learned throughout the week. This is also a time where students get to interact with their fellow peers and Helix staff as well!
Getting in Touch with Helix Staff

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything or just want to chat — our staff is here for you! We understand that it is an uncertain time, and we will do our best to make sure that, no matter the situation, Helix is still an enriching and positive experience. As current college undergraduates, we have also been in your shoes. If you have any questions about the material, college, career, or anything at all, all of us would be happy to chat. 

Ways to get in touch

  1. Seminar: Seminars are small group environments where you can really deepen your understanding of the material. Each discussion will be led by a Helix staff member, and is a great place to hear the Helix staff member’s thoughts on the content.
  2. Slack: For any administrative issues, or quick communication, we encourage you to take advantage of Slack. Any member of Helix should be open to Direct Message!
Space Lounge 🚀💫

Welcome to the Space Lounge 🚀💫 The Space Lounge is a digital space designed for you to take your Helix experience to the next level! It can serve multiple purposes:

  • Meet other students and get to know one another
  • Work through weekly lessons together or simply provide one another company while completing your individual work
  • Get to know Helix staff members, chat, and ask any questions you have (about hobbies, life in general, school, medicine, anything!)
  • Destress, take a break from lessons, and play games like Zoom Boggle and skribbl.io

As you can see, the opportunities are endless. We hope you take advantage of the Lounge and get to experience the social side of the Helix Summer Program. See you at the Lounge!